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How WFD helps fight corruption around the world

By working to increase the accountability of both parliaments and political parties, Westminster Foundation for Democracy is helping establish the conditions where corrupt politicians and officials find it hard to flourish. Corruption, according to the Department for International Development, is “often a symptom of wider governance dynamics and is likely to thrive in conditions where …

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Kyrgyzstan: Launching KLAP to support Local Self-Governance

Local self-government systems are intended to bring power and decision-making closer to citizens and communities. As in many other post-Soviet countries, the Kyrgyz systems of local self-government have existed since independence in various forms. Westminster Foundation for Democracy’s new Kyrgyzstan Local Accountability Programme (KLAP) aims to support local councils to overcome governance issues. KLAP supports three local …

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The question of modernising democracy

George Kunnath, Regional Director – Europe and Central Asia Having a democratic constitution does not mean you have a democracy. Having all the expected laws and rules does not mean you have a democracy. More than ever we agree that a true democracy is about the culture and values that each of us as individuals …

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